Dokuro Engine Parts


Dokuro Engine Parts

DokuroDOKURO started manufacturing engine valves when it was first founded in 1949. We have been manufacturing engine valves to meet the requirements of our customers and do not spare any effort to make the best. We supply engine valves that are compatible with vehicles around the world using our advanced expertise to provide meaningful support to our customers.

Japanese vehicles have been loved around the world for decades. People who use these vehicles get longer vehicle life and more safety, in part because we listen to the users and meet their needs. We understand the environments in which these vehicles are used, and our integrated manufacturing system (including selecting the best raw material) permits us to deliver engine valves that match those needs.

Features of DOKURO engine valves

  • Superb and sophisticated manufacturing skills that benefit from Japan’s famous traditional craftsmanship
  • Experience and results from over 60 years.
  • We produce a wide variety of items in small lots.
  • We provide valves with a wide range of specifications, from local use to high performance engines.
  • Integrated production from sourcing the best raw materials to the delivery of quality products.

We always use high quality materials made in Japan and we manufacture all of our engine valves inside Japan. Then, as proof of our high quality, we forge ‘Made in Japan’ on all our products.

  • DateFebruary 25, 2013